Monthly Archives: November 2014

Gender among Employed Immigrants – Foundational Data #4

This blog post describes the gender distribution of immigrants who are employed or self-employed in various regions of Ontario. Drawing on a newly-released report on immigrant entrepreneurship, it also points to some of the reasons behind gender differences. Data not shown here indicates that there are more female than male immigrants to Canada, but that… Read More

Self-employed Immigrants are less mobile within Canada than Immigrant Employees – Foundational Data #3

We know that immigrants are mobile in that they crossed national borders to make new lives for themselves and their families, often coming great distances and traversing cultural and linguistic lines as well as geography.  But once they arrive here, do they “stay put” or does that mobility carry on? Today’s post focuses on mobility… Read More

Immigrants More Likely To Be Self-employed – Foundational Data #2

Immigrants have higher rates of self-employment when compared to the Canadian-born population in Ontario, according to data obtained from the 2006 Canadian Census and 2011 National Household Survey. In Ontario as a whole, 10% of the native-born population were self-employed in 2006, compared to 14% of immigrants.  In 2011, the figures were 10% and 12%… Read More