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Ontario’s Four Counties Region – Collaboration & Economic Development

  The following article is written by guest blogger Brittany Bruce About the Author                                                                              Brittany Bruce is a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo-Wilfrid Laurier University Geography and Environmental Management Masters Graduate Program. Her research was part of a broad project, Evaluating Regional Economic Development Initiatives (EREDI), led by Dr. John Devlin (University of… Read More

Funding for Agriculture and Agri-Food Processors – Growing Forward 2 Ontario

  The following article is written by guest blogger Ryan Weaver. Ryan Weaver has a BA in Economics, an MSc in Management, and several published works including two books. As Marketing Analyst at Mentor Works, Ryan enjoys communicating with business owners & executives about government grants and funding available to help overcome obstacles to growth.… Read More

Age among Employed Immigrants – Foundational Data #5

What is the age distribution of immigrants who are employed or self-employed in various regions of Ontario? This is the topic of today’s blog post. The key finding regarding age and employment is that self-employed immigrants are significantly older than employed immigrants. Among immigrant employees in Ontario, 45% are between the ages of 45-64 compared to 54%… Read More