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Food Clusters and Rural Development: A Review of Anne H. Lee and Geoffrey Wall, Food Clusters, Rural Development and a Creative Economy (2014)

This is the fourth article in a series by guest blogger Brittany Bruce Brittany’s series is based on her Masters’ thesis research on collaboration and economic development in two regions.  Her articles can be found here. Today’s post focuses on Food Clusters, Rural Development and a Creative Economy. Creativity and creative industries are not just for ‘urban’ areas.… Read More

Local immigration practices showcased at UN Meeting

The world has 1 billion internal and international migrants today, most living in larger cities. Cities generally have no jurisdiction on immigration but are on front lines in terms of impact. Given this context, what role can intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank play in helping promote positive outcomes of migration?… Read More

For each industry sector, which economic region is the most intensive in self-employed immigrants, compared to the self-employed Canadian-born? – Foundational Data #11

Our previous post (Blog #10) showed, for each region, which industry sector was the most intensive (highest location quotient) for self-employed immigrants, relative to the Canadian-born self-employed, within that region. Here, we show, for each industry sector, which region has the highest location quotient within that industry sector. [Table 19] Key findings For the agricultural… Read More

In which sectors are self-employed immigrants more prevalent, compared to the self-employed Canadian-born? – Foundational Data #10

In Blog #8 and Blog #9, we showed the number and the percent of self-employed immigrants in each industry sector within each economic region. Here we ask whether self-employed immigrants are more prevalent in a given industry sector, compared to the self-employed businesses operated by the self-employed Canadian-born. Key findings For Ontario as a whole, self-employed… Read More