Monthly Archives: April 2015

Rural Communities Fighting Back: The Example of Tumbler Ridge

Recognizing change, recognizing rural Part 1 of a 2-part review of Sullivan, L., Ryser, L., & Halseth, G. (2014). Recognizing change, recognizing rural: The new rural economy and towards a new model of rural service. The Journal of Rural and Community Development, 9(4), 219-245. In their 2014 article “Recognizing change, recognizing rural: The new rural… Read More

Entrepreneurs and Rural Tourism in Ontario

An article by Joppke, Brooker and Thomas in the latest issue of Journal for Rural And Community Development contains some interesting nuggets for those of us interested in agrifood, entrepreneurship, rural areas, and Ontario. As part of a larger project that outlined national and international best practices in rural tourism, the authors held a stakeholder… Read More

Sources of National Data on Immigrants

Pathways to Prosperity is an alliance of university, community, and government partners dedicated to fostering welcoming communities and promoting the integration of immigrant and minorities across Canada. Its April 2015 e-bulletin contains an overview of national data sources on immigrants by REAPontario research team member Ray Bollman. This information is based on three presentations at… Read More