Monthly Archives: May 2015

Reflections on the Municipal Immigration Workshop 2015

Is it ironic that it was the province that invited and convened representatives from Ontario’s municipalities to discuss immigration programs that are largely driven by a federal agenda?  Or does it signal a growing intention of the province to play a greater role in immigration affairs?  There is no doubt that Ontario’s place at the… Read More

Rural Research Day 2015: What can we learn about collaboration and regional economic development?

This is the fourth article by guest blogger Brittany Bruce Brittany’s series is based on her Masters’ thesis research on collaboration and economic development in two regions.  Her articles can be found here. Today’s post focuses on OMAFRA’s Rural Research 2015 which focused on Evaluating Regional Economic Development Initiatives.  Brittany’s thesis was part of the several presentations.… Read More

A New Model of Rural Services

Recognizing change, recognizing rural Part 2 of a write-up on Sullivan, L., Ryser, L., & Halseth, G. (2014). Recognizing change, recognizing rural: The new rural economy and towards a new model of rural service, The Journal of Rural and Community Development, 9(4), 219-245. In this second piece profiling the recent article by Sullivan, Ryser, and Halseth,… Read More