Monthly Archives: June 2015

Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese Receives Nearly $200k in Government Funding

Today’s guest blog post comes from Mentor Works, a business support organization specializing in Canadian government funding.  Author Chris Casemore along with team members, describes how an agri-food business worked with Mentor Works to secure funding to expand its business and identifies three funding programs that may be of interest to your business.   Ontario’s Stemmler’s… Read More

Northumberland Innovating on Immigrants and Agri-food

In Northumberland County, the self-proclaimed “Near East” of Ontario, lots is happening on the immigration and agri-food front.  And much of the action is related to Ontario Agri-food Venture Centre, a brand new food-processing centre in Cobourg.  This agri-food incubator with cooking, chilling, freezing, and storage capacity occupies 15,000 square feet of space near HIghway… Read More