Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where do Ontario’s immigrants live? – update

Summary There has been no dramatic shift in population growth or immigrant settlement in rural Ontario in 2014 compared to 2013. Ontario’s rural population is not growing as a whole, in contrast to urban areas of the province. However, some areas are growing, and some are attracting immigrants. The very first blog for REAPontario described… Read More

REAPontario meets Community Futures

It was an exciting week for REAPontario as the research team and some of our immigrant entrepreneurs made a one-day road trip to Orillia to put on a workshop entitled “Building Our Yellow Brick Road: Immigrant Entrepreneurs Share Options for Accessing Capital.” The workshop was part of the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations… Read More

New Report: Which Human Capital Characteristics Best Predict the Earnings of Economic Immigrants?

    Immigrant “Success” For immigrants, finding “success” in Canada or whichever country they choose is a very subjective idea. Some measure success in improved opportunities for themselves and their children, whereas others may focus on newfound freedoms, or on safety and security. From the government’s perspective, success is often related to employment and income-related… Read More