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Healthy and Tasty Cuisine found at Laza Catering

Introducing Melku Gebrekristos From an early age, Melku Gebrekristos wanted to run a business. As a young woman in her home country of Eritrea, she built and ran floral and nursery operations but she always had a food business in the back of her mind. Today Melku is the proud owner of Laza Catering, selling… Read More

Water Buffalo: An Emerging Market in Ontario, Part 2

  Esmira Latifova, likely the province’s most knowledgeable person on Ontario’s water buffalo industry, participated in the recent REAPontario workshop in which she described a number of challenges and opportunities. Challenges include: Can marketing co-operatively build this new industry? How can we narrow significant gaps between consumers, producers and processors? Is it time to make… Read More

Water Buffalo: An Emerging Market in Ontario, Part 1

Water Buffalo Mystique Water buffalo may bring to mind exotic locales, peasant farmers, and agrarian lifestyles, but in certain circles their products – especially buffalo mozzarella – bring top dollar to gourmet restaurants and grocers. In Ontario, water buffalo production is almost entirely run by immigrants. This two-part article presents a basic overview of water… Read More

Multiculturalism in Canada – Part I

Surprised! Issues of national identity and vision sometimes attract more attention than the economy During this lengthy federal election period, pundits have been surprised to see issues of national identity and vision sometimes attracting more attention than the economy. These potentially abstract notions have been concretized in specific issues, including Canada’s reception of refugees and… Read More