Dr. Sarah Wayland, Consulting Researcher/Principal Investigator

Dr. Wayland has conducted research for universities, municipal/federal governments, foundations, public and not-for-profits. Her research and writing projects focus on various social issues, especially immigration, settlement, employment, and housing. Her WISE 5 project [Winning Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Five Communities] was the only Citizenship and Immigration Canada [CIC] funded research initiative in Ontario in 2011-2012. Dr. Wayland received her PhD in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland.  She has been Research Associate at CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre since 1998 and Owner of Wayland Consulting since 2003.

Dr. Ray D. Bollman, Rural Economics Researcher and Statistician

Dr. Bollman recently retired from Statistics Canada. He received a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba and a PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto. Ray has held a number of positions with Statistics Canada and the position of Chief of the Rural Research Group in Statistics Canada. He holds an honorary doctorate degree from Brandon University. He has served as President of the Canadian Association of Rural Studies and the Canadian Agricultural Economic Society. He was as a member of the founding committee of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation and also a past-chair of the OECD Working Party on Territorial Indicators. His research interests have evolved from the structure of agriculture and the pluri-activity of farm family members to all socio-economic aspects of rural populations. He has edited Rural and Small Town Canada (Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing, 1992) and (with John M. Bryden) Rural Employment: An International Perspective (Wallingford:  CAB International, 1997).

Ray was the founding editor of Statistics Canada’s Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletins in 1998 and continued in this role up to his retirement in this role. During this time, 62 bulletins were published at Statistics Canada.

Carol Simpson, Administrative Research Lead, Workforce Planning Ontario for the New Directions Research Program [OMAFRA]

Carol Simpson C.I.M., P.Mgr. has been Executive Director of the Workforce Planning Board – Waterloo Wellington Dufferin [WPB] since 1997.  The WPB is one of 25 local planning zones partnering across Ontario within Workforce Planning Ontario.  These planning boards are community directed, non-profit corporations and leaders in their approach to workforce development and labour market planning. They have extensive applied research experience in their mandate to be a neutral catalyst collaborating with divergent labour market partners.

Carol L. Tyler, Project Manager

Carol Tyler received a B.Sc. in Agricultural Business and Economics, Animal and Poultry Science and International Development from the University of Guelph.  She comes from five generations of farmers and has established agri-food businesses in three of Canada’s provinces.  Canadian International Development Agency assignments have provided her with a broad range of agri-food and community economic development experiences in South America.  She has been engaged with Local Immigration Partnerships, Community Wellbeing Initiatives, and economic development initiatives for universities, municipal/federal governments, foundations, public and not-for-profits.  She has been Owner of @CEOsolution since 2008.