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The case for business succession immigration program in Canada

Think about this for a minute: small business is the backbone of the Canadian economy, yet fewer than half of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada currently have a succession plan in place. So, to someone such as myself who has concerns about the future of the Canadian economy, this is a little frightening.… Read More

New Business Loan Program for New Canadians

More than any other barrier to starting and maintaining a business, immigrant entrepreneurs identify access to capital as a challenge. Small business bank loans are difficult to obtain at the best of times, even for well-established businesses owned by Canadians with a credit history. For newcomers, the possibility of securing a bank loan may seem… Read More

SMART Green: Funds for Ontario Manufacturers to reduce Greenhouse Gas

In partnership with Government of Ontario, this fall the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters launched the SMART Green fund. This $25 million fund will assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and improving their energy efficiency. As stated on the official web page for the fund: The program will improve the competitiveness of… Read More

One Meal at a Time, Generous Kitchen Opens Hearts and Minds in Hamilton

When Brittani Farrington and her husband moved to Canada from Michigan a few years ago so that he could pursue a PhD, little did she know that some volunteer interests would develop into a new business adventure with other newcomers, specifically three women who had fled violence and arrived in Hamilton with their families, and… Read More

Immigrant Entrepreneurs – ‘Good News’ stories from USA

In this blog space, I have reported on numerous studies, introduced immigrant entrepreneurs based in Ontario, and described data of interest to those in agri-food. Today’s post features some interesting, “good news” stories from the United States, all of which were found on the website of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture or NIFA… Read More

Ontario Farmers’ Markets Trends include the Growth of Immigrant Farming

This time of year is a great time to focus on one of my favourite topics, farmers’ markets. As we reach peak summer harvest, markets across the province are booming! As noted on the official website of the Ontario farmers’ markets, these markets are loved by shoppers, communities and farmers alike. Increasingly discerning shoppers appreciate… Read More

How much goes to the Farmer? Research Findings

Someone recently sent me an article that got me to reflect on how much of my spending on fresh produce actually goes to support the farmers who grew what I am consuming.  I have to admit that I had never thought much about it.  So what is the answer?.… Well, it depends.  Defining and Researching… Read More

Community Futures: A Model Investment

  In this article, we return to an interesting Canadian model for lending to small businesses in rural areas called Community Futures (CF). I report on a Conference Board of Canada report that measures the economic impact of CF in Ontario. What we don’t know is how many immigrant entrepreneurs ever use CF… anecdotally, it… Read More

Latin Flavours a success in southern Ontario

Tried and true recipes with fresh flavours. Locally-sourced, all natural ingredients. Made by hand in small batches. Hard working family members devoted to the business. Today, the above combination seems like an obvious recipe for success and is being played out in local farmers markets and innovative food products across the land. Back in 1998,… Read More

Focus on 2016’s smallest Top 7 Intelligent Community: Whanganui, New Zealand

In the previous blog article, I wrote about my recent visit to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Summit in Columbus, Ohio. Annually, the ICF Summit brings together Mayors and officials from local and regional government, business and technology leaders from around the world to explore how Intelligent Communities enable growth and empower citizens. Some of… Read More