Guide To Service Providers 101: SBECs & CFDCs

Small Business Enterprise Centres [SBECs] and Community Futures Development Corporations [CFDCs] This post does refer to the survey but these are not actually ‘survey results’! This post is the first of a Blog Series “Guide to Service Providers 101“. These posts will be interspersed among the blogs on the Survey Results. Providers and immigrant entrepreneurs have asked: “What… Read More

Government releases Rural Roadmap: The Path Forward For Ontario

Last week the Ontario Government released a Rural Roadmap outlining key government priorities aimed at building on the strengths of Ontario’s rural communities.  The six priorities outlined in the report are of great interest to REAPontario and our partners, including a commitment to grow the digital economy and improve broadband connectivity, better connect policies and programs… Read More

Ontario’s Providers Share General, Online Resources

Survey Results #3 Service providers responding to the REAPontario survey cited many programs and services that would be useful to immigrants who own their own businesses or wish to start, maintain or grow them.  Specifically, 49 organizations self-identified as offering specific programs or supports/resources for services for the agri-food sector, 43 stated that they offered… Read More

Ontario’s Providers Offer These Core Services

Survey Results  #2: Service providers in Ontario indicated that they provide a wide range of core services, with most respondents selecting multiple services as opposed to just one. Core services that organizations provide Answer Choices Responses Mentoring, coaching and networking 68.75% (88) Facilitating strong local and regional relationships 67.97% (87) Providing access to data for… Read More

Ontario Service Providers: Our Respondents And Their Clients

 Survey Results #1 By the close of the REAPontario Service Provider Survey two weeks ago, more than 150 service providers had responded to the survey and provided information about valuable services around the province.  The focus was on services to one or all of these three groups (1) immigrants, (2) entrepreneurs, and (3) those working in… Read More

Where Do Ontario’s Immigrants Live?

Two “Focus on Rural Ontario” reports issued by the Rural Ontario Institute last summer provided seminal data to the REAPontario research team.  These reports revealed that immigration to rural areas is actually declining.  Of note: Of the more than 100,000 immigrants who “landed” (became permanent residents) in Ontario in 2013, only 1,342 of them initially… Read More

REAPontario On The Radio

This morning I had my first radio interview for REAPontario. It was on 1460 CJOY  based in Guelph, and excerpts will be played throughout the day on air. CJOY covers the areas of Guelph-Wellington, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Dufferin, and Milton. The purpose of the interview was to provide a last-minute plug for our service provider survey which closes… Read More

REAPontario Agri-food Project Looking For Input From Your Community Or Region!

  March 14, 2014 Rural Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity better known as REAPontario is a three year, province-wide project which is currently conducting on-line surveys to improve support for all immigrant business owners across our province’s Agri-food sector whether they are involved in production, processing, packaging and storage, distribution, warehousing, transportation, retail and wholesale, grocery, farmers’ markets,… Read More

You Are Making The Difference

Together we have strength in numbers!   The information and feedback you are providing by participating in the REAPontario on-line surveys and social media platforms help all of us to become an increasingly important source for the insights necessary to attract, retain and grow our Ontario agri-food sector businesses owned by immigrant entrepreneurs. REAPontario exists to… Read More

Welcome To Our Blog And Website!

The REAPontario team intends to use this blog to communicate project news and related information of interest to all project partners…..especially to our immigrant business owners who own businesses within the agri-food sector.  These rural and urban entrepreneurs show that to initiate, innovate and inspire add to everyone’s health and prosperity. We also hope to… Read More