Immigrants More Likely To Be Self-employed – Foundational Data #2

Immigrants have higher rates of self-employment when compared to the Canadian-born population in Ontario, according to data obtained from the 2006 Canadian Census and 2011 National Household Survey. In Ontario as a whole, 10% of the native-born population were self-employed in 2006, compared to 14% of immigrants.  In 2011, the figures were 10% and 12%… Read More

Sharing Our “Foundational Data” #1

In our work at REAPontario, we are collecting and analyzing Foundational Data to provide context for the Living Data collected from immigrant entrepreneurs, service providers, and other project stakeholders. To this end, we have purchased data from the 2006 Census and 2011 National Household Survey for the Province of Ontario.   “The data is broken… Read More

Is Your Community Ready To Attract Immigrant Entrepreneurs And Their Families?

  ….especially immigrant entrepreneurs who want to start agri-food related businesses?   Part #1 THE WORLD IS COMPETING FOR IMMIGRANTS As migration of global talent continues to increase, communities and regions around the world want to know why immigrants prefer to locate themselves and their families in specific countries, regions and communities. Communities want to know how newcomer immigrants choose a… Read More

A Service Provider’s Wish List For Services To Attract Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Survey Results # 8: “If you could provide one other service or do something else to attract immigrant entrepreneurs…”   A WISH LIST FOR SERVICES Our final question for analysis in the service provider survey allowed respondents to describe – even dream up — whatever service or action might best assist immigrant entrepreneurs. This was… Read More

Immigrants Seeking Services Where There Are None!

Survey Results # 7: “There appears to be more immigrant entrepreneurs who really ‘want to start a business sooner’ and are not starting businesses as a last resort when their ‘spirit’ and ‘equity’ and ‘family situation’ are completely depleted, their expectations devastated. There appears to be more who do not ‘want’ to be employees and… Read More

Services And Programs Related To Entrepreneurs

Survey Results #6: More survey respondents offer programs and services aimed at entrepreneurship than for agri-food or immigrants. These 69 responses are the focus of today’s post, which includes highlights of responses from the organizations that self-identified as offering specific programs or supports/resources for entrepreneurs. The most common types of offerings are the service bundles… Read More

Services And Programs Specifically Designed For Immigrants

Survey Results # 5: Survey respondents identified a range of programs and services aimed at immigrants. Today’s post focuses on these themes and responses. These are highlights of responses from those organizations that self-identified as offering specific programs or supports/resources for immigrants.   When asked to identify the specific programs, only a minority described programs… Read More

Leveraging Immigration As A Source Of Innovation

I spent May 15 in Toronto attending the Conference Board of Canada’s 2014 Immigration Conference. Surrounded by immigration wonks such as myself, it was a very interesting and highly informative day. In a panel entitled “Leveraging Immigration as a Source of Innovation”, an all-female panel presented the case for immigrants an innovation drivers in Canada… Read More

Services And Programs Related To Agri-food

Survey Results # 4: The REAPontario survey of service providers focused on three types of programs and services: those aimed at the agri-food sector, at immigrants, and at entrepreneurs. Today’s post focuses on the themes and responses that focus on the agri-food sector. These are highlights of responses from the 49 organizations who self-identified as offering… Read More

Guide To Service Providers 101: EcDev Offices

Economic Development Offices Today’s post focuses on a type of organization that is often not thought of as a “service provider” but which in fact provides many services to business owners and potential investors in a given community.  Just about every municipality or regional government has an Economic Development Office that is either part of… Read More