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One Meal at a Time, Generous Kitchen Opens Hearts and Minds in Hamilton

When Brittani Farrington and her husband moved to Canada from Michigan a few years ago so that he could pursue a PhD, little did she know that some volunteer interests would develop into a new business adventure with other newcomers, specifically three women who had fled violence and arrived in Hamilton with their families, and… Read More

Immigrant Entrepreneurs – ‘Good News’ stories from USA

In this blog space, I have reported on numerous studies, introduced immigrant entrepreneurs based in Ontario, and described data of interest to those in agri-food. Today’s post features some interesting, “good news” stories from the United States, all of which were found on the website of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture or NIFA… Read More

Latin Flavours a success in southern Ontario

Tried and true recipes with fresh flavours. Locally-sourced, all natural ingredients. Made by hand in small batches. Hard working family members devoted to the business. Today, the above combination seems like an obvious recipe for success and is being played out in local farmers markets and innovative food products across the land. Back in 1998,… Read More

The Higher ED Blog: Who are commercial counterurbanites, and what brought them to your community?

About REAPontario’s guest authors for this week……. Michelle Madden is the editor of Higher ED. She is also the Outreach Manager for the Economic Development Program and a graduate of the LED master’s program.  She has authored a number of the articles in this series on behalf of the students, and has published several of her own… Read More

Research: Immigrant Business Owners in Canada

On March 21, Statistics Canada released its research paper Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada. A synopsis of the report can be found in its publication The Daily. This study marks the first time that Statistics Canada has released data providing an overview of immigrant business ownership and the associated job creation in Canada.… Read More

Healthy and Tasty Cuisine found at Laza Catering

Introducing Melku Gebrekristos From an early age, Melku Gebrekristos wanted to run a business. As a young woman in her home country of Eritrea, she built and ran floral and nursery operations but she always had a food business in the back of her mind. Today Melku is the proud owner of Laza Catering, selling… Read More

New Report: Which Human Capital Characteristics Best Predict the Earnings of Economic Immigrants?

    Immigrant “Success” For immigrants, finding “success” in Canada or whichever country they choose is a very subjective idea. Some measure success in improved opportunities for themselves and their children, whereas others may focus on newfound freedoms, or on safety and security. From the government’s perspective, success is often related to employment and income-related… Read More

Age among Employed Immigrants – Foundational Data #5

What is the age distribution of immigrants who are employed or self-employed in various regions of Ontario? This is the topic of today’s blog post. The key finding regarding age and employment is that self-employed immigrants are significantly older than employed immigrants. Among immigrant employees in Ontario, 45% are between the ages of 45-64 compared to 54%… Read More

Gender among Employed Immigrants – Foundational Data #4

This blog post describes the gender distribution of immigrants who are employed or self-employed in various regions of Ontario. Drawing on a newly-released report on immigrant entrepreneurship, it also points to some of the reasons behind gender differences. Data not shown here indicates that there are more female than male immigrants to Canada, but that… Read More

Services And Programs Related To Entrepreneurs

Survey Results #6: More survey respondents offer programs and services aimed at entrepreneurship than for agri-food or immigrants. These 69 responses are the focus of today’s post, which includes highlights of responses from the organizations that self-identified as offering specific programs or supports/resources for entrepreneurs. The most common types of offerings are the service bundles… Read More