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Connecting Rural Ontario to the World: Internet Access

Our Digital Age With the Internet, people in certain professions – for example, writers, communications professionals, computer programmers – can live pretty much anywhere in the world as long as they have a good Internet connection. One can certainly see the attraction of small town or rural living in terms of pace of life, cost… Read More

Are Immigrants looking beyond the “Big City”?

Today’s post has two objectives:  to draw your attention to New Canadian Media, a news website that provides nonpartisan news and views representing all Canadian immigrant communities, and to comment on an article published earlier this year that is highly relevant to REAPontario. In Immigrants Looking Beyond Big City Living, author Mark A. Cadiz cites… Read More

Government releases Rural Roadmap: The Path Forward For Ontario

Last week the Ontario Government released a Rural Roadmap outlining key government priorities aimed at building on the strengths of Ontario’s rural communities.  The six priorities outlined in the report are of great interest to REAPontario and our partners, including a commitment to grow the digital economy and improve broadband connectivity, better connect policies and programs… Read More

REAPontario On The Radio

This morning I had my first radio interview for REAPontario. It was on 1460 CJOY  based in Guelph, and excerpts will be played throughout the day on air. CJOY covers the areas of Guelph-Wellington, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Dufferin, and Milton. The purpose of the interview was to provide a last-minute plug for our service provider survey which closes… Read More