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Local immigration practices showcased at UN Meeting

The world has 1 billion internal and international migrants today, most living in larger cities. Cities generally have no jurisdiction on immigration but are on front lines in terms of impact. Given this context, what role can intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank play in helping promote positive outcomes of migration?… Read More

REAPontario Agri-food Project Looking For Input From Your Community Or Region!

  March 14, 2014 Rural Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity better known as REAPontario is a three year, province-wide project which is currently conducting on-line surveys to improve support for all immigrant business owners across our province’s Agri-food sector whether they are involved in production, processing, packaging and storage, distribution, warehousing, transportation, retail and wholesale, grocery, farmers’ markets,… Read More

You Are Making The Difference

Together we have strength in numbers!   The information and feedback you are providing by participating in the REAPontario on-line surveys and social media platforms help all of us to become an increasingly important source for the insights necessary to attract, retain and grow our Ontario agri-food sector businesses owned by immigrant entrepreneurs. REAPontario exists to… Read More

Welcome To Our Blog And Website!

The REAPontario team intends to use this blog to communicate project news and related information of interest to all project partners…..especially to our immigrant business owners who own businesses within the agri-food sector.  These rural and urban entrepreneurs show that to initiate, innovate and inspire add to everyone’s health and prosperity. We also hope to… Read More