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Immigrant Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship in GTA (2011)

Funded by: The Maytree Foundation and The Metcalf Foundation
Prepared by: Sarah V. Wayland, PhD


Perspectives on Labour and Income: Immigrants in Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship in GTA (2011)

Funded by: Statistics Canada
Prepared by: Feng Hou and Shunji Wang


Immigrants as Innovators – Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness (2010)

Funded by: Conference Board of Canada
Prepared by: Michelle Downie


Unexpectedly Mobile: Korean Entrepreneurship and Immigrant Generations (2010)

Funded by: York University
Prepared by: A H Kim


Open for Business: Migrant Entrepreneurship in OECD Countries (2010)

Funded by: OECD
Prepared by: Secretary General of the OECD


Immigrant Entrepreneurs on the Gentle Island (2009)

Funded by: Canada Research Chair (Island Studies) University of Prince Edward Island
Prepared by: Godfrey Baldacchino


Entrepreneurial Diversity in a Unified Europe: Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship/Migrant Entrepreneurship (2008)

Funded by: European Commission
Prepared by: Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam


Barriers Facing Canadian Immigrants in Small Business (2007)

Funded by: Odette School of Business, University of Windsor
Prepared by: Schlosser


A World of Opportunity: New York Immigrant Entrepreneurs (2007)

Funded by: The F. B. Heron Foundation, Garfield Foundation and J.M. Kaplan Fund
Prepared by: Centre for an Urban Future


Immigration and Small Business:
Ideas to Better Respond to Canada’s Skills and Labour Shortage (2006)

Funded by: Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
Prepared by: A Bourgeois, A Debus, B George, J Halbesma, D Kelly, J Langford, and A Lavoie