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Shortage of Canadians working in agriculture to double by 2025

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council has just published the results of a major investigation into labour shortages in agriculture in Canada. The full report is Agriculture 2025: How the Sector’s Labour Challenges Will Shape its Future. At present, the supply of Canadians willing to work on farms is 59,000 less than the demand. Most… Read More

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference – Days 3&4 – Rural Data and New Regionalism in Canada

Rural Data Angela Pollak (University of Western Ontario) spoke about the seeking and use of rural information. The concept of information poverty structured her study of how rural individuals access all types of formal and informal information. Perhaps not surprisingly, rural information is more informal with many different implications for how local decisions are made.… Read More

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Annual Conference – Day #2

This article features some highlights from the second day of the 28th Annual Rural Policy Conference of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) held from October 12 to 15, 2016 in Guelph.   Lessons from a First Nation Community The program started with a plenary presentation by Andrée Cazabon and Angelica Mckay on “Lessons learned… Read More

Immigrant Entrepreneurs – ‘Good News’ stories from USA

In this blog space, I have reported on numerous studies, introduced immigrant entrepreneurs based in Ontario, and described data of interest to those in agri-food. Today’s post features some interesting, “good news” stories from the United States, all of which were found on the website of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture or NIFA… Read More

Ontario Farmers’ Markets Trends include the Growth of Immigrant Farming

This time of year is a great time to focus on one of my favourite topics, farmers’ markets. As we reach peak summer harvest, markets across the province are booming! As noted on the official website of the Ontario farmers’ markets, these markets are loved by shoppers, communities and farmers alike. Increasingly discerning shoppers appreciate… Read More

Government Funding to Promote the Consumption of Locally Grown Food

Today’s guest blog post comes from Mentor Works, a business support enterprise specializing in accessing government funding. Author Jeff Shepherd describes business expansion grants that may be of interest to your business. Research by REAPontario and others indicates that many immigrant entrepreneurs work long hours, have little time to explore potential business supports, and often… Read More

Focus on 2016’s smallest Top 7 Intelligent Community: Whanganui, New Zealand

In the previous blog article, I wrote about my recent visit to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Summit in Columbus, Ohio. Annually, the ICF Summit brings together Mayors and officials from local and regional government, business and technology leaders from around the world to explore how Intelligent Communities enable growth and empower citizens. Some of… Read More

Size isn’t a requirement for an “Intelligent Community”

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Summit in Columbus, Ohio, the reigning Intelligent Community of the Year for 2015. Annually, the ICF Summit brings together Mayors and officials from local and regional government, business and technology leaders from around the world to explore how Intelligent Communities… Read More

The Higher ED Blog: Who are commercial counterurbanites, and what brought them to your community?

About REAPontario’s guest authors for this week……. Michelle Madden is the editor of Higher ED. She is also the Outreach Manager for the Economic Development Program and a graduate of the LED master’s program.  She has authored a number of the articles in this series on behalf of the students, and has published several of her own… Read More

The Winkler Initiative: Lessons in Immigrant Attraction to Rural Areas, Part 2

Why does it work …. and can it be replicated in other communities? The previous blog post described the “Winkler Initiative” and its origins. Today’s post focuses on why it worked, and whether it could be replicated in other communities. In a 2005 Working Paper on the Winkler Initiative [pdf] the authors state: “Winkler serves… Read More