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Shortage of Canadians working in agriculture to double by 2025

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council has just published the results of a major investigation into labour shortages in agriculture in Canada. The full report is Agriculture 2025: How the Sector’s Labour Challenges Will Shape its Future. At present, the supply of Canadians willing to work on farms is 59,000 less than the demand. Most… Read More

SMART Green: Funds for Ontario Manufacturers to reduce Greenhouse Gas

In partnership with Government of Ontario, this fall the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters launched the SMART Green fund. This $25 million fund will assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and improving their energy efficiency. As stated on the official web page for the fund: The program will improve the competitiveness of… Read More

Immigrants in Rural Western Canada – Implications for Ontario (Part 2)

In the May 2015 report “Immigration Settlement Services and Gaps in Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Western Region,” by the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University, research focused on 29 rural communities and smaller urban centres across the four western provinces. (The summary report, full regional report, provincial reports, and community reports can all be accessed… Read More

Immigrants in Rural Western Canada: An Overview of Services and Settlement (Part 1)

Service providers in rural western Canada work hard to meet the needs of newcomers arriving in their communities, but settlement services are neither as available nor as accessible as they need to be. This is a key finding of a report recently released by the Rural Development Institute of Brandon University.  Entitled “Immigration Settlement Services… Read More

Are Immigrants looking beyond the “Big City”?

Today’s post has two objectives:  to draw your attention to New Canadian Media, a news website that provides nonpartisan news and views representing all Canadian immigrant communities, and to comment on an article published earlier this year that is highly relevant to REAPontario. In Immigrants Looking Beyond Big City Living, author Mark A. Cadiz cites… Read More

Services And Programs Related To Agri-food

Survey Results # 4: The REAPontario survey of service providers focused on three types of programs and services: those aimed at the agri-food sector, at immigrants, and at entrepreneurs. Today’s post focuses on the themes and responses that focus on the agri-food sector. These are highlights of responses from the 49 organizations who self-identified as offering… Read More

Government releases Rural Roadmap: The Path Forward For Ontario

Last week the Ontario Government released a Rural Roadmap outlining key government priorities aimed at building on the strengths of Ontario’s rural communities.  The six priorities outlined in the report are of great interest to REAPontario and our partners, including a commitment to grow the digital economy and improve broadband connectivity, better connect policies and programs… Read More