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Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference – Days 3&4 – Rural Data and New Regionalism in Canada

Rural Data Angela Pollak (University of Western Ontario) spoke about the seeking and use of rural information. The concept of information poverty structured her study of how rural individuals access all types of formal and informal information. Perhaps not surprisingly, rural information is more informal with many different implications for how local decisions are made.… Read More

Ontario Farmers’ Markets Trends include the Growth of Immigrant Farming

This time of year is a great time to focus on one of my favourite topics, farmers’ markets. As we reach peak summer harvest, markets across the province are booming! As noted on the official website of the Ontario farmers’ markets, these markets are loved by shoppers, communities and farmers alike. Increasingly discerning shoppers appreciate… Read More

Immigration to Rural and Regional Australia: Why and Why Not?

What do immigrants like or not like about living in rural areas? Numerous articles in this blog have focused on immigration to rural areas of Canada. Today’s post describes the results of a study in a new context that will be of interest to our audience: the results of a longitudinal survey of almost 1,000… Read More

Agriculture Going Strong in Waterloo and Wellington: New Report

Agriculture is declining in Ontario as a whole but not so in Waterloo and Wellington areas of Ontario. Agriculture is declining in Ontario as a whole but not so in Waterloo and Wellington areas of Ontario. This countertrend is the focus of the December 2015 Agriculture Research Project Waterloo Wellington report compiled by Carol Simpson,… Read More

A Few Findings from the Pathways to Prosperity Annual Conference, Part 1

Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) is a national research and policy-focused network intended to foster welcoming communities that promote the economic, social and civic integration of immigrants in Canada. Based in London, Ontario, the P2P partnership includes all key federal and provincial migration ministries; municipalities; national, regional, and local organizations involved in newcomer settlement; and researchers… Read More

Ontario’s Providers Share General, Online Resources

Survey Results #3 Service providers responding to the REAPontario survey cited many programs and services that would be useful to immigrants who own their own businesses or wish to start, maintain or grow them.  Specifically, 49 organizations self-identified as offering specific programs or supports/resources for services for the agri-food sector, 43 stated that they offered… Read More

Ontario Service Providers: Our Respondents And Their Clients

 Survey Results #1 By the close of the REAPontario Service Provider Survey two weeks ago, more than 150 service providers had responded to the survey and provided information about valuable services around the province.  The focus was on services to one or all of these three groups (1) immigrants, (2) entrepreneurs, and (3) those working in… Read More

REAPontario Agri-food Project Looking For Input From Your Community Or Region!

  March 14, 2014 Rural Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity better known as REAPontario is a three year, province-wide project which is currently conducting on-line surveys to improve support for all immigrant business owners across our province’s Agri-food sector whether they are involved in production, processing, packaging and storage, distribution, warehousing, transportation, retail and wholesale, grocery, farmers’ markets,… Read More